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Chicago Nail Salon & Nail Spa for Manicures & Pedicures

Visit our luxurious nail spa for expert mani pedi services and much more

The nail salon at Balance Spa & Fitness in Chicago will pamper you with full service manicures, pedicures, special treatments for nails and numerous other indulgences.

Why do people visit a nail spa, or nail salon, as they are sometimes called? They do it because they want their hands and feet to look and feel fantastic. Mani-pedi services, however, are not all the same. When seeking manicures or pedicures, don’t trust your nails to just anybody. Trust them to the professionals with proven results at Balance Spa & Fitness.

As one of the best Chicago nail salons, we know just what it takes to provide the mani-pedi services you need in order for not just your fingernails and toenails but also your cuticles and surrounding skin to look superb. And beyond actual services, there’s the pampering.

People who visit a nail salon for manicures and pedicures enjoy being pampered and having this work done for them by technicians who are experts in their field. When you visit our spa, you can rest easy knowing the results you’re seeking are the exact results you’re going to get.


Our essential manicure is a 45-minute transformation of your nails and hands. We use soothing, gentle oil extracts along with warm soaking to make your skin feel wonderful. We then exfoliate your skin with a special scrub and perform a relaxing massage on your hands and lower arms.

Then we finish it off with a perfect cuticle trim and nail filing followed by the application of the colors and designs that will give you a truly customized nail appearance. The essential manicure is our most popular nail spa service, a luxury you’ll want to indulge in again and again. Come experience one of the best manicures Chicago has to offer.


For pedicures, we take the same approach: soaking, exfoliating and massage followed by nail and cuticle trimming and a delicious paint application from among our hundreds of colors and shades. The way we see it, if you’re going to indulge your hands, why not indulge your feet at the same time? You deserve to treat yourself the the best mani pedi Chicago has to offer.

In addition to traditional manicures and pedicures, our nail salon technicians also offer:

  • Shellac manicures (including removal)
  • Color Change for both hands and feet
  • Resurfacing treatments
  • Paraffin
  • French polish

When you visit our nail salon, you enter a world of luxury and transformation where tired, damaged skin is rejuvenated and unsightly nails are magically renewed to look attractive and beautiful. Isn’t it time you indulged yourself in these hand and foot specialties and let somebody else do all the work?

Arrange for your manicure and/or pedicure appointment today by calling Balance Spa & Fitness in Chicago at (312) 422-1336. If you prefer, you can book an appointment by using our convenient online appointment form.