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Couples Massage Therapy & Hotel Spa

Surprise your partner with a trip to Balance Spa & Fitness for a rejuvenating couples massage

Any day of the year is a great day to surprise your partner with a couples massage. Balance Spa & Fitness has couples massage packages that will invigorate you and your partner all year long.

Next time a special day rolls around, or just on any day that’s fit for something special, why not pencil a couples massage into your calendar? We offer several couples massage packages that include variety of special massages, all designed to make you feel amazing. And there’s nothing better than sharing this experience with the one you love.

While a massage is fantastic any day of the year, certain occasions are ideal to plan for a surprise massage with your partner.

Anniversaries: Whether it’s commemorating the day you met, the day you became a couple or the day you got married, imagine how much fun it will be to remember this special date with a transforming couples massage.

Valentine’s Day: Say “I love you” by arranging for a segment of your day to be spent together pampering yourselves. Follow up with dinner at your favorite romantic getaway, and it’ll be a Valentine’s Day you’ll always remember.

Birthdays: Conventional birthday presents are nice, but when you treat your special someone to a massage for two, you’ll be giving a gift that’s truly one of a kind.

New jobs, promotions, raises: Celebrate these and other work-related achievements with a relaxing massage for you and your special achiever. It’s a great way to mark these important occasions.

Surprises of all kinds: Any time is a good time for a massage with your most significant other. Schedule your visit as part of a bigger surprise, or as a simple stand-alone surprise to say you care.

You can choose from several different massage styles, all performed by skilled masseuses in our spa suite that’s designed for two.

To help release tension and soothe aching muscles, try our comprehensive Swedish massage. If you have pain issues, our deep tissue massage will work on lower muscles and bring about relief. Our tonic massage is a great way to alleviate fatigue and invigorate your body and your senses.

For the ultimate in soothing relaxation, try our hot stone massage, which uses river stones heated to just the right temperature to provide a gentle, comfortable pressure that will amaze you. Our express massage employs Swedish techniques to relax tight muscles and ease soreness in your neck, back and shoulders.

With so many massages to choose from and so many reasons to schedule a blissful couples massage, why put it off? Call (312) 422-1336 and ask about our couples massage packages. If you’re ready to schedule your massage in our Chicago massage spa, you can do that online by choosing our Online Booking option above.